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"Parents have been writing to me ever since MLNP launched, and I encourage them to do two things. First, start talking to your child about sex as early as possible. I don’t mean deliver “the talk”, but the first time they ask where babies come from, or play with their genitals, the most important thing isn’t even what you say, as much as how you say it. Never get flustered or visibly embarrassed; don’t change the topic. Instead, answer them calmly, straightforwardly and honestly, and you’ll open up a channel of communication with them that will always be there as they get older.

Secondly, nowadays, when you talk to your child about sex, you must also talk to them about porn. This is a lot easier than you think. Just say some version of the following (dialled up or down depending on the age of the child): “So, darling, we’ve just talked about sex. You know how we watch movies, videos and cartoons together, where things happen that aren’t real? Well, there are also movies and videos about sex, and they’re not real either. Because of that, they can be quite confusing, and so I’d rather you didn’t watch them till you’re older. But if anybody shows you anything like that, or you stumble across it, come and talk to me about it, and I can explain it.”

Just by saying that, you’ve done two key things. You’ve told them porn isn’t real, and you’ve told them they can talk to you about it. You’ll want them to do that, because as with Billie Eilish, when they stumble across porn – and they will – what they see can be traumatising."

“How do I talk to my kids about sex?”

“How do I talk to my kids about porn?”


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